A Mini Treat...And Mini Review

My Mini Treat

Just got back from town, hardly been in two minutes and already snapping away taking pictures for a post..
  Sorry I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, I'm just too excited... Let me explain.. 

So today I was booked in for an optician appointment; Tabs needed some cat food so I took my boyfriend along with me to grab some cat food from Wilkinsons while I was choosing glasses. After I met back up with him and we had looked in a couple of shops like Staples, Andy pulled out a small item from a bag. He'd only gone and bought me a Mini Filofax - A MALDEN  :)... With a matching black Filofax pen.

So here she... Personally I don't the pictures do the colour any justice, it's definitely not as purple as some of the pictures would lead to believe; Such a rich and deep colour, almost looks brown in some lights. 

From The Front

Bit Closer Up 

The Pen in The Holder 

The Press Stud

 This is my mini Filofax pen, I have never actually seen them in black before. Personally I would opt for this colour over the silver (I think my boyfriend knows me too well ). For me I just think it just looks a lot sleeker and matches much better with the new Filofax.

New Black Filofax Pen
 This is the inside cover, I've been wanting a Filofax as a purse for some time now. I have another Mini, a raspberry Metropol, but without the zip pocket I find it hard to use as a purse. I was looking at the Finsbury Minis, but with having a large Finsbury, I'm so glad I now have this; It's gorgeous.

                            Inside the cover it says: Filofax, Malden, Mini Organizer, Antiqued Leather. 
Inside Cover
This is the diary that came with it, A week on two pages 2013. This would have been a little bit of a downside if I didn't already have a 2012 diary in my other mini as I wouldn't technically have been able to use all the features of it until next year. So too save my Malden getting overly bulky I've the 2013 diary in my Metropol and the rest of the 2012 diary in my Malden :). 


Week on Two Pages
 I love the fact that the minis have the note slot, perfect for my being my new purse :). I'm just hoping they also sell mini card holders or wallets for putting in extra cards.

From The Top

The Back Cover

The Back 

Again From The Back

The Spine / From The Side

From  The Top Closed

Over all I absolutely love this Filofax, It's really well made and looks really classy. The stitching and the colour / feel of the leather are, in my opinion, perfect. I know I have only just received this, but I really can't help but think the Malden mini is going to be my purse of choice for the foreseeable future.

I do have one small criticism though, which is pictured below: I've found that when I have a pen in, no matter really what the size, the address label tabs are pushed slightly forward and there for start to bend and stick this way. Does anybody have the same problem (I've found this to be the case with my mini Metropol as well) and have you found any ways of conquering the issue?

Also, does anyone know if they sell mini card holders or transparent sheets, to put in extra cards?
One Criticism: Bending Address Label Tabs
Well there you have it, my new mini present and a mini review all bundled into one post, I hope you have enjoyed it. 
 I now need to get some new inserts, I have already compiled a wish list containing: Mini Calculator, Blank vertical index cards, Mini world map, Fashion coloured paper and cotton cream to do's. I think I shall be purchasing these on my next pay day, or if anyone has any of these and would like to do a trade for some of my other spares (Mainly A5 and Personal) please let me know :). 
 I shall post about how I have set up my Malden Mini and how I'm getting along with it in a few weeks, I really can't see I will be having too many problems though :). 

If you like my posts please do comments,I love hearing any suggestions, comments or ideas (Including how you use your Filofax), and give us a follow :). Many more post ideas to get up :). 

Thanks Jess xxx

3 responses to “A Mini Treat...And Mini Review

  1. Love it!! Really tempted to go and buy one now.. haha. Love your blog!! :)

  2. What a fabulous present!!! :o)

  3. I've had the same pen problem with my mini Malden. I solved it by cutting out the pen loop and sewing it back in the other way around so it "points" outwards rather than inwards. Then I had to change the clasp too- so it was a bit of a nuisance!

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