What's In My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 4 - Everything Else

What's In My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 4 - Everything Else 

Over the last week or so, I have written a number of posts about what is in my purple A5 Finsbury. The following post will be the last (for now) and will detail the sections still left which I have no yet covered. You will find my other posts here: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3
 So still to go, and shown below, are the finance, pen-pal and other lists sections. I hope your enjoy reading about them as much as I have writing and using them. :). 


Another handmade divider used for my finance section, at the top you can see the tabs I have been using. These have actually changed a little now, for example I no longer have my eBay section in my main Filofax; I have started using a separate Filo all together for this (A personal purple Finsbury I bought off eBay recently). 
 There isn't too much I can show you in this section for obvious reasons such as too much personal information. 
On the back of this divider I have an A5 stick on wallets I bought from staples, which you can find here: Stick On Wallets (With Tabs). I use these for putting in receipts.

This is a budget planner sheets which I tore out of a University planner I was given on my first day back at University. It is still mainly blank at the moment because I am trying to get the most accurate information as possible for the insert. I am doing this by, further on in my finance section, filling out all of my purchases so after around 2 month I can look back and work out how much I'm spending on each. 

I then have a separate different coloured sheets of paper for each of my main bills, be that direct debit or something I have to pay each month by cash or phone up. I then have corresponding tabs so I can easily access which ever bill I want to check. 
 On these sheets I have when the bill will be coming out of my bank account or when I need to pay it by, the price, whether or not I have paid it or it has come out and also a column for whether my boyfriend has given me his share. 
Although I have this section, I also like to make a note in my agenda of when these bills come out or need paying, just so I can keep up to date. This section comes in very handy when trying to keep track of money I owe out and money I am owed myself.

Spending: As mentioned earlier, I am currently keeping a record of my spending to I can fill in my expenses sheets pictured a few pictures up. I do this by keeping holding of my receipts and at the end of the day or over the next couple of days, when I have time, filling in the Filofax expenses sheet. I then keep the receipts in a Filofax Wallet at the front of my Filofax (I only do this for a week, then transfer them into a box file; this is a really good idea for making sure you know where your receipts are in case anything needs to be taken back.)
Incoming: I also have a sheet for money which is coming in, at the moment there is not a lot :( (Hence the lack of stationary buying :(:() as I currently waiting for my CRB to clear for both my jobs.

This is the home made divider I am currently using for my Pen-pal section. Pen-paling is something I have on recently started doing again and only have three ATM  (Always on the look out for more :)). After this page is a sheet of addresses of my pen-pals just so I don't miss place them and have them to hand when sending their letters. (For obvious reasons I have not pictured this picture).

I also have sheets to keep track of when I have received letters and when I have sent them.

The following pictures are for my Blog section, they are pretty self explanatory so just though I would up upload the pictures and comment underneath :) :

The Posts Which I Have Published

My Followers

The Blogs Which I Follow

Posts Which I have Posted On, Or Want to Comment On

Post Ideas / Writing Posts When I'm Out and About

I then have a weekly food plan mainly for the ease of working out the weekly shopping list, mainly driven from having to shop on a student budget at times. This sheet is actually now in my agenda just to remind me to keep up to date with it. 

Food Sheets

Using For Shopping Lists

 I'm not currently using the address section really at the moment, I have started trying to use it, but not really had time too fill it in. I find I use my phone for most of my number keeping, but hopefully and eventually I will fill in phone numbers in this section.

And then FINALLY we have the back sleeve of my fabulous and favourite Purple A5 Purple Finsbury Filofax :).
I don't actually carry the notebook that came with the Filo around in the Filo, mainly for bulk reasons and also because in the sections I have the spare sheets of people I need, so I rarely used it. :).

Back Sleeve

Well there it is, what's in my purple A5 Finsbury, although I must say in the time it's taken me too finally get to the end I have made some changes. I mean come on, it has been a couple of weeks and I have really only been using it since September. This is pretty much my set up though, I will post in time about the minor changes I have made. Possibly not quite as in depth as this one as most things are still the same.

If you like my posts, please do comment (I love hearing other peoples ideas, suggestions or just generally about how you use your Filofax) and also follow. I have recently updated my profile, you will find the follow section at the bottom of the page, just scroll right down :). Thank you :).

Jess =] xx

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  1. Anonymous

    Another great post Jess, I need to work on my Finance section, keep meaning to log it all but never do, think i'm scared to see what I spend lol :o

    I have those pockets from staples for receipts, their great :)

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