The Dodo-Pad for My Filofax


It seems ages ago I first attempted to buy my first Dodo-Pad on eBay. After receiving the first A5 diary I purchased I realised they had sent me 2011 / 2012 not the 2012/2013 I had asked for. Finally after sending that back and having to do a bit chasing to get my hands on this one, I now have my very own 2013 Dodo-Pad. I'm a little bit miffed that I didn't get the 2012 / 2013  but at least I'll have the next year in full. It will also give me a little bit of time to think about how I'm going to use it most effectively. 

I thought I'd do a small post just in case anyone else is thinking about purchasing one, personally I think it's an awesome little idea. =].
The Front
The Back
2013 Year Planner
(There is also a 2014 planner at the back)
Spaces At The Top
(This going be used for filling in family members or Uni subjects etc)

A Square For Each Day of The Week
Space on The Back
2014 Unruled Planner Spaces

'Indodispensable Data" Sheet

For me; The reasons why the Dodo-Pad will be used inside and alongside my Filofax are listed below: 

  • The vibrant colours
  • The interesting and funny little things to keep you entertained throughout
  • The weekly square layout (Including space to decide how best to use it)
  • The way a little blank/doodle page is used on the back of each week instead of continuing straight on to the next week. 
  • All the little pictures. 
I must say though, I do tend to usually like having times on my planners, but all the things above have always made me want one. 

Specimen Page
This page came complete with the pack, it gives a good example of how (At a guess) a Mother has used the pad to organize the family. I've been thinking.. where will the Dodo fit into my Filofax (A set up I think I'm fairly happy with). A couple of ideas I have thought would best suit are:
  • Each section to represent a different aspect of my life, and then kind of use it as an  overall week planner at a glance.
  • Use it for a study planner or to keep record of the different subjects at uni. To plan what to work on etc. 
I'm really not sure but I will definitely write a post when I think I have decided, after all I do have until next year till I have to decide haha. Any suggestions would be good, or just how you use your for a little inspiration for me :).  Also If you like my posts please do give me a follow :). Thanks.

Jess xx

My First Moleskine


I've been full of a cold since last night, so today thought I would make a little trip to town for a little pick me up; I came back with my first Moleskin. Here it is:

My New Moleskine Notebook
My boyfriend has a lot of these notebooks, but to be honest I've never really seen the big attraction.  Well, that is until today when I saw this little red one. I've definitely fallen in love with it, the paper is awesome quality and cover has a lovely feel. I also love the cute little pocket at the back. 
The sheet around the notebook states:

Ruled Notebook
192 lined pages, acid - free paper,
9 x 14 cm - 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 ",
expandable inner pocket.
The history of Moleskin is inside.

I have looked at my boyfriends Moleskines before, but they are all black and have plain paper in. I think this is the reason why I have never been overly keen, they just seemed a little, dare I say it, dull. This one however I think is so cute and has definitely cheered me up, for me ruled note paper is much more practical as I'm not a big drawer and find it hard to keep my writing straight with no ruled paper. 
I still think that the price is fairly steep, and don't think I will be buying another one too soon, but for now I'm loving my new notepad. Here are some more picture of it: 

Moleskin Notepad

Moleskine Stamp On Inside Front Cover

Ruled Note Paper - 192 sheets
The Back Expandable Pouch With Moleskine History Sheet
Hope you like my post, if you do please comment and follow, I love hearing about other peoples stationary thoughts and ideas as much as I do writing my posts :). Thanks.

Jess. xx

A Mini Treat...And Mini Review

My Mini Treat

Just got back from town, hardly been in two minutes and already snapping away taking pictures for a post..
  Sorry I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, I'm just too excited... Let me explain.. 

So today I was booked in for an optician appointment; Tabs needed some cat food so I took my boyfriend along with me to grab some cat food from Wilkinsons while I was choosing glasses. After I met back up with him and we had looked in a couple of shops like Staples, Andy pulled out a small item from a bag. He'd only gone and bought me a Mini Filofax - A MALDEN  :)... With a matching black Filofax pen.

So here she... Personally I don't the pictures do the colour any justice, it's definitely not as purple as some of the pictures would lead to believe; Such a rich and deep colour, almost looks brown in some lights. 

From The Front

Bit Closer Up 

The Pen in The Holder 

The Press Stud

 This is my mini Filofax pen, I have never actually seen them in black before. Personally I would opt for this colour over the silver (I think my boyfriend knows me too well ). For me I just think it just looks a lot sleeker and matches much better with the new Filofax.

New Black Filofax Pen
 This is the inside cover, I've been wanting a Filofax as a purse for some time now. I have another Mini, a raspberry Metropol, but without the zip pocket I find it hard to use as a purse. I was looking at the Finsbury Minis, but with having a large Finsbury, I'm so glad I now have this; It's gorgeous.

                            Inside the cover it says: Filofax, Malden, Mini Organizer, Antiqued Leather. 
Inside Cover
This is the diary that came with it, A week on two pages 2013. This would have been a little bit of a downside if I didn't already have a 2012 diary in my other mini as I wouldn't technically have been able to use all the features of it until next year. So too save my Malden getting overly bulky I've the 2013 diary in my Metropol and the rest of the 2012 diary in my Malden :). 


Week on Two Pages
 I love the fact that the minis have the note slot, perfect for my being my new purse :). I'm just hoping they also sell mini card holders or wallets for putting in extra cards.

From The Top

The Back Cover

The Back 

Again From The Back

The Spine / From The Side

From  The Top Closed

Over all I absolutely love this Filofax, It's really well made and looks really classy. The stitching and the colour / feel of the leather are, in my opinion, perfect. I know I have only just received this, but I really can't help but think the Malden mini is going to be my purse of choice for the foreseeable future.

I do have one small criticism though, which is pictured below: I've found that when I have a pen in, no matter really what the size, the address label tabs are pushed slightly forward and there for start to bend and stick this way. Does anybody have the same problem (I've found this to be the case with my mini Metropol as well) and have you found any ways of conquering the issue?

Also, does anyone know if they sell mini card holders or transparent sheets, to put in extra cards?
One Criticism: Bending Address Label Tabs
Well there you have it, my new mini present and a mini review all bundled into one post, I hope you have enjoyed it. 
 I now need to get some new inserts, I have already compiled a wish list containing: Mini Calculator, Blank vertical index cards, Mini world map, Fashion coloured paper and cotton cream to do's. I think I shall be purchasing these on my next pay day, or if anyone has any of these and would like to do a trade for some of my other spares (Mainly A5 and Personal) please let me know :). 
 I shall post about how I have set up my Malden Mini and how I'm getting along with it in a few weeks, I really can't see I will be having too many problems though :). 

If you like my posts please do comments,I love hearing any suggestions, comments or ideas (Including how you use your Filofax), and give us a follow :). Many more post ideas to get up :). 

Thanks Jess xxx

What's In My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 4 - Everything Else

What's In My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 4 - Everything Else 

Over the last week or so, I have written a number of posts about what is in my purple A5 Finsbury. The following post will be the last (for now) and will detail the sections still left which I have no yet covered. You will find my other posts here: Part 1Part 2 and Part 3
 So still to go, and shown below, are the finance, pen-pal and other lists sections. I hope your enjoy reading about them as much as I have writing and using them. :). 


Another handmade divider used for my finance section, at the top you can see the tabs I have been using. These have actually changed a little now, for example I no longer have my eBay section in my main Filofax; I have started using a separate Filo all together for this (A personal purple Finsbury I bought off eBay recently). 
 There isn't too much I can show you in this section for obvious reasons such as too much personal information. 
On the back of this divider I have an A5 stick on wallets I bought from staples, which you can find here: Stick On Wallets (With Tabs). I use these for putting in receipts.

This is a budget planner sheets which I tore out of a University planner I was given on my first day back at University. It is still mainly blank at the moment because I am trying to get the most accurate information as possible for the insert. I am doing this by, further on in my finance section, filling out all of my purchases so after around 2 month I can look back and work out how much I'm spending on each. 

I then have a separate different coloured sheets of paper for each of my main bills, be that direct debit or something I have to pay each month by cash or phone up. I then have corresponding tabs so I can easily access which ever bill I want to check. 
 On these sheets I have when the bill will be coming out of my bank account or when I need to pay it by, the price, whether or not I have paid it or it has come out and also a column for whether my boyfriend has given me his share. 
Although I have this section, I also like to make a note in my agenda of when these bills come out or need paying, just so I can keep up to date. This section comes in very handy when trying to keep track of money I owe out and money I am owed myself.

Spending: As mentioned earlier, I am currently keeping a record of my spending to I can fill in my expenses sheets pictured a few pictures up. I do this by keeping holding of my receipts and at the end of the day or over the next couple of days, when I have time, filling in the Filofax expenses sheet. I then keep the receipts in a Filofax Wallet at the front of my Filofax (I only do this for a week, then transfer them into a box file; this is a really good idea for making sure you know where your receipts are in case anything needs to be taken back.)
Incoming: I also have a sheet for money which is coming in, at the moment there is not a lot :( (Hence the lack of stationary buying :(:() as I currently waiting for my CRB to clear for both my jobs.

This is the home made divider I am currently using for my Pen-pal section. Pen-paling is something I have on recently started doing again and only have three ATM  (Always on the look out for more :)). After this page is a sheet of addresses of my pen-pals just so I don't miss place them and have them to hand when sending their letters. (For obvious reasons I have not pictured this picture).

I also have sheets to keep track of when I have received letters and when I have sent them.

The following pictures are for my Blog section, they are pretty self explanatory so just though I would up upload the pictures and comment underneath :) :

The Posts Which I Have Published

My Followers

The Blogs Which I Follow

Posts Which I have Posted On, Or Want to Comment On

Post Ideas / Writing Posts When I'm Out and About

I then have a weekly food plan mainly for the ease of working out the weekly shopping list, mainly driven from having to shop on a student budget at times. This sheet is actually now in my agenda just to remind me to keep up to date with it. 

Food Sheets

Using For Shopping Lists

 I'm not currently using the address section really at the moment, I have started trying to use it, but not really had time too fill it in. I find I use my phone for most of my number keeping, but hopefully and eventually I will fill in phone numbers in this section.

And then FINALLY we have the back sleeve of my fabulous and favourite Purple A5 Purple Finsbury Filofax :).
I don't actually carry the notebook that came with the Filo around in the Filo, mainly for bulk reasons and also because in the sections I have the spare sheets of people I need, so I rarely used it. :).

Back Sleeve

Well there it is, what's in my purple A5 Finsbury, although I must say in the time it's taken me too finally get to the end I have made some changes. I mean come on, it has been a couple of weeks and I have really only been using it since September. This is pretty much my set up though, I will post in time about the minor changes I have made. Possibly not quite as in depth as this one as most things are still the same.

If you like my posts, please do comment (I love hearing other peoples ideas, suggestions or just generally about how you use your Filofax) and also follow. I have recently updated my profile, you will find the follow section at the bottom of the page, just scroll right down :). Thank you :).

Jess =] xx

What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 3 - The University Section

What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 3 - The University Section

Well, here it is.. Part three to my (what I think is going to be three part) little series of posts about what's in my purple A5 Finsbury. If you haven't seen the other parts, have a read here :). Part 1 and Part 2 - The Agenda.
So I've already been through the personal section and that all important agenda section, the following post with cover Uni. (I decided by the end of writing this section I will leave Finance, Pen-pal and all other remaining sections until tomorrow :)) I hope you enjoy. 

University Section

Divider: Uni Section
 Another of my handmade tabs to start my Uni section (I'm contemplating just going for some more basic dividers; but that's a story for another post).
 At the moment this section is almost as crucial to me as the agenda. It contains all the major information I need in regards to my studies and the different modules I am currently undertaking.

University Map
So we start with a campus map; This was part of a booklet I received through the post at the start of the academic year. I just cut the back page, containing the map, off and hole punched it so it would easily fit into my Filofax. Even though I'm in my second year it's my first year at this campus, so everything is still a bit knew too me. Every Sunday I check my timetable for the week and write the rooms in my agenda. The map comes in very useful for checking any rooms I don't know the location off, as I always have my Filofax with me the idea is I will never get lost ;).

Key Dates
These sheets came from the planner I was given on my first day. I wasn't so keen on the planner as the diary was pre filled with events and dates irrelevant to my course. I went through the planner and tore out the sheets that I would use, cut them down then hole punched them. This one is for filling in all my key dates, mainly going to be used for all my deadlines as I find it really handy having them all written in one place as well as in my diary (this is due to having the day on a page).

Course Record
This is the Filofax 'Course Record' sheet, this came with one of the diary packs I purchased. There really useful, but I can't seem to find any more of them and they don't seem to come with standard packs of diary inserts. If anybody knows where I can purchase some more of these that would be really helpful, or if anybody has any they no longer need and looking to sell please get in touch :).
 On the first page I have written the marks I achieved in my first year, and the second page is ready for my second year marks.

Next are two pictures of my timetable, on the first picture I am using the Filofax sheet (Again if anybody knows where I can get any more of these please let me know) and reflects my introduction week and first semester. The second picture; again another sheets from the planner given to me on my first day which I will be using to represent my second semester after Christmas. Although I have a general idea of my timetable next term I am reluctant to fill it in just yet due to inevitable room changes ETC.

Introduction Week and Semester 1

Blank Ready For Next Term

Module Tabs
Next up I have my individual sections for each module I am undertaking this year. Instead of using a    divider for each subject I have used a different colour for each section and just used sticky tabs for easy access. (The picture below shows my colour scheme in use). On the covering sheet I have:

  • The sticky tab with the module name
  • My learning outcomes for the module
  • A list of the different assignments
  • The possible titles of the essays for the module
  • The contact information the module tutors

Module Colour Scheme

This is useful for me because it means on university days I don't need to take my bulky A4 files with all the full module handbooks out. It's basically my way of condensing each module handbook into key information, and then putting it in something (My Filofax) I always have on me.
 It seems the main plus too doing this is it leaves me with more free space in my bag to take out relevant books from the library. The joys of university eh?!?

Reading List Tabs

I have a similar set up for my reading lists; Also in the handbooks are preferred and useful reading materials to help with the modules. I have a separate piece of paper for each module with the reading list written on each. The most useful benefit, I have found, of doing this is the amount of time it saves when I go to take books out of the library. Before I started doing this I would spend hours searching for relevant books and writing down the name on a scrap piece of paper, only to loose it or throw it away,

Reading Lists

I also have these reading lists slotted in there too, I have started using these properly now to write down the lecture notes I have printed off and filed away.

Study Plan
These are also slotted into the back of this section, I can't say I have actually started using these yet but I defiantly shall. I was drawn to these mainly for the benefits I think I shall gain when planning my revision for exams and also closer to assignment due in dates.

Right, I have decided after all that, that this post shall focus just on my University section as I feel this is a major part of my Filofax at the moment. I will say that I have changed this round a little bit since taking the pictures and starting the posts, but I promise I will get round to showing you the updated version.
 It has taken me a long time so get this section the way I wan't it, what with the writing of the reading lists and what not, but It really works for me and I guess that's what Filofax is all about. The time spent is definitely worth while as I know I will be using this set up for the rest of the academic year.
 So yeah, seen as I am getting a bit tired and I have a long day of tidying and finishing unpacking boxes tomorrow I shall leave PART 3, as an insight to the University section. I will post, hopefully tomorrow, this the last (I promise) sections of my Filofax.

I hope I'm not boring you all and if you like my posts please do follow and post comments because I love hearing other people ideas, suggestions and even criticisms ;).

Anyway, Bye for now.

Jess. xxx


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