The Dodo-Pad for My Filofax


It seems ages ago I first attempted to buy my first Dodo-Pad on eBay. After receiving the first A5 diary I purchased I realised they had sent me 2011 / 2012 not the 2012/2013 I had asked for. Finally after sending that back and having to do a bit chasing to get my hands on this one, I now have my very own 2013 Dodo-Pad. I'm a little bit miffed that I didn't get the 2012 / 2013  but at least I'll have the next year in full. It will also give me a little bit of time to think about how I'm going to use it most effectively. 

I thought I'd do a small post just in case anyone else is thinking about purchasing one, personally I think it's an awesome little idea. =].
The Front
The Back
2013 Year Planner
(There is also a 2014 planner at the back)
Spaces At The Top
(This going be used for filling in family members or Uni subjects etc)

A Square For Each Day of The Week
Space on The Back
2014 Unruled Planner Spaces

'Indodispensable Data" Sheet

For me; The reasons why the Dodo-Pad will be used inside and alongside my Filofax are listed below: 

  • The vibrant colours
  • The interesting and funny little things to keep you entertained throughout
  • The weekly square layout (Including space to decide how best to use it)
  • The way a little blank/doodle page is used on the back of each week instead of continuing straight on to the next week. 
  • All the little pictures. 
I must say though, I do tend to usually like having times on my planners, but all the things above have always made me want one. 

Specimen Page
This page came complete with the pack, it gives a good example of how (At a guess) a Mother has used the pad to organize the family. I've been thinking.. where will the Dodo fit into my Filofax (A set up I think I'm fairly happy with). A couple of ideas I have thought would best suit are:
  • Each section to represent a different aspect of my life, and then kind of use it as an  overall week planner at a glance.
  • Use it for a study planner or to keep record of the different subjects at uni. To plan what to work on etc. 
I'm really not sure but I will definitely write a post when I think I have decided, after all I do have until next year till I have to decide haha. Any suggestions would be good, or just how you use your for a little inspiration for me :).  Also If you like my posts please do give me a follow :). Thanks.

Jess xx

3 responses to “The Dodo-Pad for My Filofax

  1. Anonymous

    I'm wondering if I could make the DoDo work as a diet log, a section for: breakfast, dinner, tea, snacks and water ??? Do you think it would work?

  2. That's a brilliant idea Alison, especially on the A5 size: It would have plenty of room and wouldn't take up too much bulk in a filofax :). Now you have me thinking about getting another one teehee. xx

  3. I usually use mine for appointments & studying. I put deadlines in red in column one, then columns two, three and four have my module titles above - I can put in lectures in one colour, or if I don't have any, the work I want to get done in another. The last column changes around a lot! Sometimes I put in blog posts, sometimes socials events, occasionally budgeting, etc etc!

    Then on the left hand side, I use it as a more broken down study planner, so for example I might put:
    Essay: Title
    Refs: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 etc (or bigger increments for bigger projects)
    Words: 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000

    And then put ticks through what I've achieved :)

    There are things I love about it, but I'm not sure I want to another one for next year. I found the boxes too small to put time slots as my columns, but sometimes it irritates me that my columns are out of time order depending on when my lectures fall. I haven't decided yet!

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