A little Spot of Personal touch

Well as the title suggest I may have been getting a little busy with adding my own little personal touch to my Personal size Identity filo. 

Although I love the sleek look of the black Identity, I thought when thinking about the name Identity, that this filo deserved a little bit more of my identity being put into it, especially seen as it's the one currently being used for work. So when I had a little think about how I could further add a little personal touch.. here is the end result. 

So Here It Is:

Using a little bit of tape my boyfriend recently purchased I though 'hey..this could really add that final personal touch.' 

As I am quite individual in some ways, I set upon finding the fine line between standing out a little and going far too out there. I hope with this, I have found the perfect final touch :). 
Please do let me know what you think :). 

Jess xxxx

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow I love it!!

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