My Three Filos

So as mentioned in the last post, I've taken a couple of pictures (on my i-phone so sorry about the quality) of my three filo faxes. I shall get some more up to date 'Inside my Filo-Fax ones soon.'

My small collection of filos

My A5 Purple Domino

My Personal Black Identity

My Mini Metropol

So, as you can see only a small selection;
 My domino is currently my daily use one containing everything I need to plan my day etc, the Identity filo is for work purposes although I only started a short while back so not really anything in that one and my metropol is mainly used as a purse and where I will jot little things about my day. I am also thinking and looking out for my to be university filo, any suggestions?

Would lovely to hear what other people use there filo faxes for and how many they have. Also if anyone is selling any :). xx

4 responses to “My Three Filos

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Jess, love your collection and can't wait to meet you in Sep :) xx

  2. Hi Jess,
    I am also looking forward to our Meet Up on 1st Sept and meeting you. It will be the very first and hoping that it'll turn out to be a fixture with the like minded Filofans.

  3. Thank you both, looking forward to meeting you both. Hey Alison, Maybe we could both travel down from Preston if were heading down from the same place :) xx

  4. Anonymous

    I'm a new Filofax user and proudly own a personal size Cuban. Love it! What's better than one Filofax? 3 Filofaxes! Thanks for sharing yours!

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