To The World of Filo Faxing.

  You'll have to bare with me as, 1) I am new to writing and even with a English Lit. A-level tucked under my belt it seems to be a subject I have little to no competence with in the slightest, and 2) I am also new to Filo-Faxing.
  About a month or two ago my boyfriend purchased a outdated 2008 (non filo fax) organizer in A4 at a local car boot we visit most Sundays. This triggered a memory of a little pink organizer (My very first filo fax)  I used to own a number of years ago, this combined with my love of stationary and attempts of organization prompted my boyfriend to buy me a personal identity filo fax from Smiths. 

  While this size kept me occupied for a couple of weeks, I couldn't help but think there has too be something larger, preferably with a bigger ring mechanism. As with all the tabs I appeared to have created my personal size was bursting at the rings. This is when I learnt about the Filo Fax A5 size, unsure on which too choose I opted for Domino due to its 32mm ring mechanism. 

  The fact that I have only just re-entered the filo fax world both frustrates and amazes me; frustration brought about by my constant changing of layouts and tabs and the inability to settle on a correct setup.
 I'm torn between  the 'One Life, One Planner' theory and the multiple diaries for multiple purposes idea. For me too finally  settle on the first it would have to be a pretty special, almost perfect set-up and also be contained in a filo big enough for my sections, plannings and the different aspects of my life in general.  

  I've decided to start this as a way of getting in touch with those more clued up on both filo faxing and also it seems the English language, Tee-Hee. I will get some pictures up soon off my current domino, that's if I can keep a set up long enough to be able to obtain the pictures. Until then though; any suggestions or general comments on what works best for you in terms of set-ups / organization for the filo fax would be wonderful to read or if anyone has the same problem as me and can't seem to decide upon 'Just Right' set up, I'd love to know :).

  So until the next time I decide I want to witter on (hopefully with pictures this time) Cheerio and I look forward hopefully hearing off some of you :).

Jess__ FY

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  1. Anonymous

    Welcome Jess, I completely understand what you are going through, it took a lot of purchases and money to work out that A5 is the size for me, I just can't manage with anything smaller. I'm using a A5 Holborn zip in brown as my main Filofax (it's taken me ages and lots of changes to get it set up right) but have a A5 Wine Holborn Zip set up as a reading/movie Filofax and a A5 Ochre Malden as a wellbeing Filofax, for now i'm happy just using those three :) xx

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