Belated Birthday Present

Belated Birthday Present

So, I finally got my birthday present off my Mum and I love it. Since starting my attempt at being organized, this has something I've had my eye on, but due to recently moving and being a student I've not really had the spare cash to justify purchasing one so I was so greatful for this lovely present.

And here it is ........ :D

So.. How to set it up? Here we go again.. Haha!

Jess xx

4 responses to “Belated Birthday Present

  1. Anonymous

    What a great present, gorgeous colour, bet you can't wait to get it set up :)

  2. Understatement... Haha. I've been trying / working out how to best do it. I reckon I'll be ready for a blog in about a month. Gives me a bit of time for tweaking. Oh god, Filofax nightmares eh :P xx

  3. Gorgeous. You'll have so much fun setting it up. Happy belated birthday x

  4. Awwh, thank you very much. Yes I will, much fun and slight annoyance I bet hehe. xx

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