Stationary Geek

Stationary Geek

Seen as I have been ignoring posting for a short while due to my camera being in storage during the recent move, I thought I would upload a small number of my recent stationary purchases (The ones I could put my hands on anyway).

Writing Set

This little pack was bought from Homesense, I thought it was a little bit different and would be useful for the two letters I shall be responding too.
A few pictures of the sets contents:

The Whole Set

8 Stripey Envelopes

16 Eyelet Sheets

Address Labels

Ties for the Eyelet Paper

The set cost £1.99 and is produced by the Santoro Collection;  I've just had a quick look at the shop on this website and it looks fantastic, not something I have come across before. Oh dear.. Student loan...


Picked these sheets of card up from Dunelm Mill for 29p a sheet, I'll be using them for my new diary dividers.

Sticky Notes

I didn't realize, after not venturing in for years, that Accessorize had a stationary line, I keep these in my filo now. The cuteness is defiantly worth all of the £2.50 spent on them.

Diary Inserts

Bought at the same time as the sticky notes above for £5.00. Originally they came in spiral bound notebooks but because my initial thinking was purchases for my filo I ripped out the pages, cut off the top edge and then hole punched to fit in my A5.

Used as my weekly to do lists.

The original notebook they came in.

Jess x

2 responses to “Stationary Geek

  1. Anonymous

    Love those diary inserts, they will work so well and how cute are those post-it's, I love owls :)

    I saw the stationary at homesense, what a great idea, so different!! :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you :), Yes I love the paper at that price it was quite a bargain, I must say you have got a few sheets of this in your next letter :). Thanks again :) xx

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