eBay Treats - Cutest Paper

eBay Treats - Cutest Paper

Recently I have been sending a lot more personal letter, to people all around the world in fact. Since starting pen paling again I have been on the search for the perfect stationery. This post is about just this; after searching the shops and finding very little I decided to give eBay a go. Here is what I bought / Bid on:
I've taken out some of the inserts. 

40 sheets of the cutest A5 "Babu" lined writing paper. I bought these for 2.40.

40 Sheets of A5 'Diddled 4' lined writing paper. Again I paid 2.40 for these.

Cute decorative envelopes size C6, I bought these for 1.50. The envelopes are from Taiwan, designs include: dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, nature and nautical themes. I bought these because you rarely see such envelopes in the shops. 

I also bought a mixed lot of around 150+ sheets / envelopes of various sizes and designs. Here are just a few of the larger paper including Winnie the Pooh, Diddle, Tarepanda, ibear and morning glory. 
In total it cost 4.20. 

In the set where also really cut small notes such as the penguin, there were also lots of stickers and various other items such as bookmarks.

And my favourite items of the mixed lot have to be the gorgeous Hello Kitty range. All in all I think this has been one of my favourite eBay purchases :).

 I'm really enjoyed snail mailing at the moment, and love receiving letters, especially those of Alison and other countries. Get that little excited feeling when you look in the mail box every morning :P hehe.
If your interested in pen paling, please don't hesitate to give me a message :).

If you like my posts, please comment and start following, I will do the same :). Thank you.

Jess xx

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