Adorable Buy...

' Adorable Buy...'

Cute Stickers

After a long day (9.00 till 16.30) of training for the Children's Society I decided that I deserved a little treat, so popped into Accsessorize. It's actually only very recently that I discovered their cute range of stationery goods, after buying some post it notes the other week. Recently bought post it notes.
Their range is quite small but for their 'sometimes slightly high priced other items,' I feel their stationery is very reasonable, it's also really good quality. 

I'd noticed the stickers last time i went in, but had limited funds. So with some of my winnings ( I won  100 pounds on a scratch card) in my purse I headed to Accessorize on my way home. I bought three packs of stickers from a choice of half a stand full of packs. Here they are:

Pack one:

Kitty Stickers 
My favourite animal, although pretty much loving all animals, has always been cats and kittens. So I thought it only appropriate to get these sweet little multi - coloured cat heads. There are mainly cat heads, with the odd few whole cats, surrounded by tiny paws, fish, hearts and bows. At 1.50 I thought these were well priced and a must for all cat lovers. 

Pack two:

Smiley Faces and Mini Animals
These two sticker sheets came in the same pack. I bought these mainly because I really liked the back sheets of stickers which where the ones with animals and other small objects including; mushrooms etc.. Although I'm sure the smiley face stickers will come in useful for decorative purposes. I especially like the cupcake, mushroom and frog stickers. Getting both sheets for 2.00 again is more than reasonable as I would say there are about 140 stickers. 

Pack three:

Jigsaw Stickers
I reckon these are probably my favourite out of the three packs. In the shape of a jigsaw (The pieces actually fit together) are a variety of cute animals; some with writing such as, 'Happy,' 'Best Friends,' and some without. The stickers are quite thick and made of a stiff plastic around the edges and a more squidgy centre. They were the most expensive out of the lot at 2.50, but in my opinion worth it as there rather different and fab quality. 

I rarely use stickers in my everyday life unless it's so annoyingly stick them on friends, the main purpose for me is for decorating letters which are sent to my pen pals. So if any of you reading are snail-mailing with me currently then look forward to a letter full of these. =]. 

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Jess xx

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  1. IO AMO ACCESORIZE !! :)))

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