My Handmade Trinkets // Retro Necklaces Make Great Presents

My Handmade Trinkets // Retro Necklaces Make Great Presents 

For a while now I have been making necklaces on E-bay, I thought I would share my latest handmade jewelry. I usually post these straight onto e-bay but seen as I am currently struggling a little bit with account selling preferences I thought I would list them in a little blog as well. 
 So if you see anything you like please don't hesitate to get in touch, they make great presents or stocking fillers :).

I also thought I would create a post just to show off another of my interests / hobbies :). I hope you like them. 

Worker Man / Builder

Daredevil Man

Fireman Man

Ghost Man

Policeman Man

Grey Knight Man

Alien Man

Baseball Man

Black Knight Man

Skate Board Man

Ninja Man

Tennis Man


Robot Man


Daredevil Man

Cowboy / Sheriff Man

Worker Man

Hawaii Man

Dessert Man 


Blue Parker Man

 Harry Potter Figure 

It would also be nice to know if you do anything similar, or have an e-bay shop :).
Please follow / Share if you like it. Thank you. 

Jess xx

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