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At the moment I am currently using two Filofaxs; One containing most of my information and the one detailed below which is solely used for work (Both my paid and volunteer work). Below is a quick outline of what is currently in my work Filofax :).

I use a Identity Personal Size, originally all black I found it a little dull so added some masking tape to jazz it up a bit. I decided to use a separate Filofax for work purposes because there's a lot of information I need to keep track of, such as; Expenses, Directions, Availability, Hours, Contacts.

From the Side

From the Front

In the side here I will be keeping my work
card and other things such as receipts
which will be used to claim back expenses
at the end of the month.

I also have some little sticky notes
which adds a bit of colour
and comes in handy when I'm in a rush. 
Inside Cover

I'm using the diary format which came with the Filofax on purchase which is the week on two pages. I currently have up until the end of 2013 in the diary section, this is more down to having the space too rather than needing it. This will probably change as the other sections fat out a bit :). (I've only recently started both my new employment and my volunteer work).


So as not to make this post too picture heavy here's a picture giving an overview of the sections and tabs I'm currently using.

Top (Sections)

  •  Diary
  • To-Do
  • Finance
  • Plans
  • Contacts
  • Directions
Within each of my sections are sub-sections for;
 1. My Job 2. My volunteer position.

The months are also labeled at the start of the month for easy access.

Back Sleeve

This is the back of my Filofax with notepad to easily jot down any
notes and also with a little list of my colour coded scheme I use


This is my first what is in my Filofax, I will be posting again with what's inside my main finsbury soon (I'm still working on it at the moment), so I hope it gives a good insight :). If you have an questions or want to share what is in yours (any similarities etc) that would be awesome :).

Jess xx

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  1. Love the tape! Really spiced it up :)

  2. How do you like the Identity? I'm thinking of getting one.

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