Snail Mail Malarkey

Snail Mail Malarkey

So what's your preferred method of communication? ... E-Mail? Fax? Phone? Text? BBM? or possibly Facebook  ...  

Over the years and with increases in new technology, there seems to be an ever growing list of ways to reach and communicate with people in our everyday lives. This has, until recently, left me rarely using the more traditional method of good old fashion snail mail, mainly because of the speedier outcomes other methods have. 

Not to long back I was thinking about the letters I used to receive as a kid from friends I had met on holiday, and the fun of pen-paling as a whole. I decided that I quite liked the idea of having a couple of pen pals again, especially ones with similar interests or from different countries. I started my pursuit of a pen pal and soon came across a website called, from there I set up a profile and also had a look at some other users on the website. 

I have now sent out two letters and received the same number back; one being a response and the other from a gentleman in America who previously worked in the same line of work as me and the other was from a lovely lady, who I have met through, Alison the creator of 

I'm really glad I have taken up this now thought of as a 'prehistoric communication method' again, as every time I check my mail box I get that little twinge of excitement.

Here are a few photos of the letters I received this morning =]. 

Eeeee stamps :)

The post card which was sent with my letter from America

The card my letter came in

Wonderful letter of Alison, thank you :) 

Jess xx

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  1. Your welcome Jess, it's a pleasure :) x

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