What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 2 - The Agenda

What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 2

So, here is my second instalment of my, 'What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury,' you will find part 1 here: What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury: PART 1.
 So yeah, let's carry on on this seemingly long journey through my beloved Filofax :).

The Agenda Section

Handmade Insert for my Agenda Section

This is another handmade insert, which I am using for the divider leading to my second section in my Filo. I have used some brown wrapping paper (using for posting eBay items) and origami paper to make the background. I have used the address divider tabs too make these as I don't use then address section enough to justify the bulk. 
 The stickers I bought off eBay as sticker sheets which I cut down, these are also handmade labels. 
 The second section is the crucial, 'Agenda' section. 

Colour Coding

Of course my Filofax diary is colour coded. The following colours are use within my diary.
  •  Work
  • Information
  • Fun Activities
  • University
  • Sleeping
  • Volunteer Work
  • Post/eBay/Letters
  • Birthdays and Holidays

My Yearly Planner and Some Home Made Inserts
So this is what I have right after the insert; A 2012 A5 yearly planner with the little squares. In front of this insert are two personally made little inserts; The 2012 Planner Key, which uses the little stickers which I store in the front cover of my planner, currently I have:

  • Birthdays
  • Work
  • Uni
  • Deadlines
The second handmade insert is just a piece of card with a sheets of the stickers to stuck on with blue tack for easier access and also so I can easily change the sticker sheets round when the colours run out.

2012 Yearly Planner 
This is my 2012 yearly planner unfolded, Out of personal choice I like to shade in the the days which are not used in the month as you can see at the sides in black. 
 The reason why the first half of this insert doesn't have anything in it is because I only started my Filo half way through the year. As you can see the days I'm at work / Uni etc I stick the corresponding sticker on the day.
 I use it really just to keep an over view / really quick reference too see when I'm free. Next years yearly planner has already got a little more information on it.

My Weekly Schedule (So Far)

This is something I created really recently, I made it on word then printed it off blank. I then assigned different areas of my life with different colours: 
  • Possible Work Days / Work Slots
  • Uni
  • Uni Work / Study Groups 
  • Family Time
  • Socializing 
  • Personal / Me Time 
This is kind of like a first draft, I need more sections adding in, I'm eventually wanting the whole thing to be filled in. It's not a set in stone kind of planner.. It's more something to work towards and guide me. The main slots for change are the possible work days as I work as an agency worker so sometimes this won't always go just like I would want it too. This goes in just before my agenda so I can easily access it when planning my weeks and also too add / make any changes to it. This is my newest insert to my Filofax and I definitely think it's going to be one of my most useful ones. 

Just Using a Couple of Sheets to Jot down

In my Filofax I have;
  • Current Month (October)
  • Last Month       (September)
  • Next Month       (November)
I then have a tab for the following month, currently this will be December, but behind December I just have a couple of sheets of Filofax lined paper where I will jot down anything. This is just to prevent my Filo getting too bulky (It's so easily done). I know in the picture this doesn't match with what's said above, but I hope it makes sense :). 

My Self Printed Monthly Pages
 So first off all I start of with the month on two pages (Which I printed from Philofaxy. I didn't want it back to back on pages but I also didn't want blank pages going through my agenda. I had an idea which was too use some of the nice A5 writing paper I purchased off eBay to print on. 

This the result: Colour coded to match my list at the beginning of the section. I really do like the month on two pages, It's really helpful for the quick over glance of the month, especially when using a day per page diary. 

Monthly View

This is a shot taken from my current month (I'm hoping I haven't revealed too much here haha). As you can see I am currently using the Filofax 'Day Per Page Business.' I have found that there really useful, I really like the To-Do lists at the side. It saves me getting overly bulky with the A5 'To-Do's'.
Due to changing my colour coding scheme a little (I know a little over the top hehe). I will be printing off again from philofaxy the Day pages. They are brilliant :).
I don't really use the delegate section either, apart from occasionally delegating to my boyfriend I don't really use it. hehe. I use the post - it too add quick reminders or when I am in a rush.
The information I put on the monthly section corresponds with the information in this section just in a bit more detail (For example in the monthly section I will just write UNI, where as on the day page I will write the room and class ETC.)

And the last two things I have in my agenda sections are:

2013 Yearly Planner

I have the 2013 yearly planner, just so I can have a little over view of next year (This is because I only have 3 months in my Filofax at one time for bulk reasons). Again I have used colour coding but this is a bit different from 2012:

  • Religious Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Bank Holidays / National Holidays
  • Uni
  • Deadlines

Again I use the stickers seen at the front of my Filofax to fill this in :). I write on the little sticker what, for example, the holiday is. :).

Behind this I have some A5 To-Dos just in case I run out of space or need them for anything else.. An example of this is today when I went shopping, I used half of one for a shopping list.

Well this has been my agenda section, I hope I have got everything in and it has made sense. If you have any questions please comment :). It's great to hear what other people think and there suggestions. Tomorrow, if I get time I will go through the rest of my Filofax, there are still a lot of picture to work through yet. haha.
Also if you like my Blog please do follow and I shall be sure to do the same :).

Jess xxx

5 responses to “What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 2 - The Agenda

  1. Anonymous

    Great post Jess, love how organised you are and all the colour coding!! :)

  2. Thank you, it seems to be working for me at the minute...and I think that's what Filos are about personilising them to best suit yourself.
    I'm looking forward to future posts about your health and well being Filo :) xx

  3. I love your agenda divider - it looks great!!!

  4. Thank you very much :). I must say I love your blog. :). Jess xx

  5. Very, very excellent. Bookmarking for future reference; I just got a new A5 and thinking about ways to use it as my home planner. :)

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