What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 3 - The University Section

What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 3 - The University Section

Well, here it is.. Part three to my (what I think is going to be three part) little series of posts about what's in my purple A5 Finsbury. If you haven't seen the other parts, have a read here :). Part 1 and Part 2 - The Agenda.
So I've already been through the personal section and that all important agenda section, the following post with cover Uni. (I decided by the end of writing this section I will leave Finance, Pen-pal and all other remaining sections until tomorrow :)) I hope you enjoy. 

University Section

Divider: Uni Section
 Another of my handmade tabs to start my Uni section (I'm contemplating just going for some more basic dividers; but that's a story for another post).
 At the moment this section is almost as crucial to me as the agenda. It contains all the major information I need in regards to my studies and the different modules I am currently undertaking.

University Map
So we start with a campus map; This was part of a booklet I received through the post at the start of the academic year. I just cut the back page, containing the map, off and hole punched it so it would easily fit into my Filofax. Even though I'm in my second year it's my first year at this campus, so everything is still a bit knew too me. Every Sunday I check my timetable for the week and write the rooms in my agenda. The map comes in very useful for checking any rooms I don't know the location off, as I always have my Filofax with me the idea is I will never get lost ;).

Key Dates
These sheets came from the planner I was given on my first day. I wasn't so keen on the planner as the diary was pre filled with events and dates irrelevant to my course. I went through the planner and tore out the sheets that I would use, cut them down then hole punched them. This one is for filling in all my key dates, mainly going to be used for all my deadlines as I find it really handy having them all written in one place as well as in my diary (this is due to having the day on a page).

Course Record
This is the Filofax 'Course Record' sheet, this came with one of the diary packs I purchased. There really useful, but I can't seem to find any more of them and they don't seem to come with standard packs of diary inserts. If anybody knows where I can purchase some more of these that would be really helpful, or if anybody has any they no longer need and looking to sell please get in touch :).
 On the first page I have written the marks I achieved in my first year, and the second page is ready for my second year marks.

Next are two pictures of my timetable, on the first picture I am using the Filofax sheet (Again if anybody knows where I can get any more of these please let me know) and reflects my introduction week and first semester. The second picture; again another sheets from the planner given to me on my first day which I will be using to represent my second semester after Christmas. Although I have a general idea of my timetable next term I am reluctant to fill it in just yet due to inevitable room changes ETC.

Introduction Week and Semester 1

Blank Ready For Next Term

Module Tabs
Next up I have my individual sections for each module I am undertaking this year. Instead of using a    divider for each subject I have used a different colour for each section and just used sticky tabs for easy access. (The picture below shows my colour scheme in use). On the covering sheet I have:

  • The sticky tab with the module name
  • My learning outcomes for the module
  • A list of the different assignments
  • The possible titles of the essays for the module
  • The contact information the module tutors

Module Colour Scheme

This is useful for me because it means on university days I don't need to take my bulky A4 files with all the full module handbooks out. It's basically my way of condensing each module handbook into key information, and then putting it in something (My Filofax) I always have on me.
 It seems the main plus too doing this is it leaves me with more free space in my bag to take out relevant books from the library. The joys of university eh?!?

Reading List Tabs

I have a similar set up for my reading lists; Also in the handbooks are preferred and useful reading materials to help with the modules. I have a separate piece of paper for each module with the reading list written on each. The most useful benefit, I have found, of doing this is the amount of time it saves when I go to take books out of the library. Before I started doing this I would spend hours searching for relevant books and writing down the name on a scrap piece of paper, only to loose it or throw it away,

Reading Lists

I also have these reading lists slotted in there too, I have started using these properly now to write down the lecture notes I have printed off and filed away.

Study Plan
These are also slotted into the back of this section, I can't say I have actually started using these yet but I defiantly shall. I was drawn to these mainly for the benefits I think I shall gain when planning my revision for exams and also closer to assignment due in dates.

Right, I have decided after all that, that this post shall focus just on my University section as I feel this is a major part of my Filofax at the moment. I will say that I have changed this round a little bit since taking the pictures and starting the posts, but I promise I will get round to showing you the updated version.
 It has taken me a long time so get this section the way I wan't it, what with the writing of the reading lists and what not, but It really works for me and I guess that's what Filofax is all about. The time spent is definitely worth while as I know I will be using this set up for the rest of the academic year.
 So yeah, seen as I am getting a bit tired and I have a long day of tidying and finishing unpacking boxes tomorrow I shall leave PART 3, as an insight to the University section. I will post, hopefully tomorrow, this the last (I promise) sections of my Filofax.

I hope I'm not boring you all and if you like my posts please do follow and post comments because I love hearing other people ideas, suggestions and even criticisms ;).

Anyway, Bye for now.

Jess. xxx

6 responses to “What's in My Purple A5 Finsbury - PART 3 - The University Section

  1. Anonymous

    Another great post Jess, love how you organise, i'll check through my stash I may have a few pages of what your looking for :)

  2. That would be fantastic, I really can't work out which pack I picked them out from.
    Thank you, I'm just trying to finish off my last post.. finally come to the end of my little mini series haha.
    Hope you well :) XX

  3. Hi maybe I have some to. I check it out for you tommorow
    Thanx for sharing.

    Some tip that I have is, when you have blank sheet of timetable. Just copy it dubbelsided and cut in half. Verry easy. Also you can scan in in the computer and print it out.

    Gr. Rianne

  4. Wow! Love the post! Where did you find the study plan sheets? ^_^

  5. Anonymous

    Great set up - makes me want to go back to uni just so I can have one.

  6. Hi - I too have an a5 purple finsbury and I'm in my 3rd year at Uni - if you manage to get any info on a supplier where u can get the study inserts etc can you post a link cos they'd really come in handy and what's probably a really stupid question BUT what hole puncher do you use ? I bought the filofax one and then took it back as the cuts were rubbish and can't seem to find a 6 hole punch anywhere - loved reading your post and good luck at Uni xxx

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