What's Inside My A5 Purple Finsbury - PART 1 (Long Picture Heavy Post)

My Purple A5 Finsbury 

So here it is, finally... The post about what I currently have in my A5 Finsbury...
As I started working my way through the post and the many pictures I have taken, I have decided to split up into different parts so It's not too much all at once. I wouldn't want you all getting bored of a Filo, if that's possible.
  Here we go... 

This is from the side and my many tabs. 

This is my Finsbury from the front

Currently I am using this as my main Filofax, originally I was using the A5 Purple Domino as my main Filo. I have always wanted a Finsbury since I started using a Filofax again as my preferred method of keeping organized. (I am now using the Domino for my work, although recently I posted about using the Identity personal for work; but that's for a later blog :) ). I received this Filofax as a belated birthday present of my Mum, I was so excited, I have had it for around a month and a half but I have been working on getting it right for me before posting a blog. As you can tell I use a lot of tabs and I shall be letting you all into what I have behind these tabs throughout the blog. So.. here we go ... :). 

The Inside Sleeve 

So this is the inside cover one of the main differences for me is the zipped pocket which the Finsbury has. I love it, it's brilliant to know that you can have that little extra security for those really really important documents. At the moment I have a loan agreement for a payday type loan I took out a couple of months back. (Teehee).
 Also in the see through pocket I have a picture of my boyfriend and a really old one of my Granddad holding me as a baby.There are also some Filofax organizer sheets, which Tbh, at the moment I don't use all that much but If I find a proper use for them I probably will start too. The other sticker sheets are from Wilkinsons and Asda, I use these for my A5 Filofax yearly planner, which you will see later on in the post. I vary which cards I have in my Filofax depending on which I have recently used and not bothered to put back in my purse, My university card is also kept in here as I always take my Filo to University with me.

The Inside 'Cover Sheet' 

Although not shown in the picture, my Filofax starts with the transparent flyleaf by Filofax. Then as shown in the picture I have my own  handmade cover sheet. This is made on an A5 piece of yellow card. I have then slotted it into a A5 plastic wallet. On the front side of the sheets are some stamps (I later regretted sticking these on when I was looking for stamps to send letter to my pen pals haha). Also the stickers include small little Russian dolls and some 3D button stickers both bought from Wilkinsons for £1 each. The 'Don't Think Twice' is something I have cut off an advert and stuck on as It is something I kinda like to live my life by, like; 'No Regrets,' and .'Live life to the fullest.' The photos are that of me and friends and my boyfriend.

The Back of my Cover Sheet.

Again this side uses the same stickers. The Pandora card held another present off my family which was a Pandora gift card for my slowly but gradually growing charm bracelet. The owls is just a little post it from a pack I bought from Accessorize and the leaflet with a mustache is from a nightclub (which I have never been too) event. I just liked the mustache hehe.

Tab 1 - 'Personal Info / Info.'

This is one of my handmade inserts, There are a few of these and luckily (or possibly not) for you I have taken a picture off all of them for you to have a nosy at. Behind this tab contains all my personal details or things I need to get at quickly / use a lot.

Front Side of the 8 Slot Business Card Holder

This is the 8 card slot business holder which came with my Filofax. Instead of using it for business card, I use it for holding loose things which I use often. (Many of my business cards and cards in general are in my purse). So In here we have;

  • First class stamps
  • 4 coloured transparent post it note tabs (Which I use on the side of my inserts and pages).
  • A few large second class stamps
  • Some more first class stamps. 

The Back of my Business Holder Sheet

On the second side of my business holder sheet I have:
  • A business card for a new tattoo shop that has recently opening in my town.
  • Some tabs from the Martha Stewert range at Staples which I am using for my main section dividers at the top. 
  • Some more smaller transparent multi - coloured tabs by post it notes. 
  • Some more first class stamps. 

Cute Hello Kitty Paper For Personal Details.

Recently I bought a lot of paper of eBay, and this was one of my favourite sheets. Instead of just using the paper that comes with the Filo, I thought I would hole punch this one and use the other side (which is white and has lines) to write on my personal information. I am only going to show this side of the paper as the other has so much personal details. On it contains:
  • My Name
  • My Address
  • My Mobile Numbers
  • My Blackberry Pin
  • My Email Addresses
  • My Passport Number
  • My NI Number
  • My Driving License Number

Wallet Containing Receipts. 

I then have, in the same section, the transparent plastic wallet by Filofax which came with my Filo. This contains all my receipts  Currently I am collecting these and writing what I spend etc on a sheet in my finance section. This is just so I can keep an eye on my spending as being a student  I really need to watch my budget at times. When I receive a receipt I usually keep it in my purse until I get home, I will then log the information into the finance sheet, write the date on the receipt and then file in this holder. 

Insert on 'Getting Things Done'

The sheet is an insert I have put in myself, I printed it from the website; http://www.diyplanner.com/. I think it's really helpful because it gives a spider diagram chart of how they best think to get organized. The layout is a flow chart style and you follow it down by answering the questions resulting in a action to be done. Really helpful for all those left over 'To-Do' lists.

So as I've been working my way through this blog I have realized it's going to take quite a while, So I'm going to do it in different parts. Probably 1 - 3, the next part will be on the agenda section.

Please do follow me, leave comments on any of my posts. I will do the same :).
Love always Jess xx

7 responses to “What's Inside My A5 Purple Finsbury - PART 1 (Long Picture Heavy Post)

  1. It's looking great Jess, love your "Don't think twice" page, I look forward to the next instalments :)

  2. Eee, thank you very much Alison :) xx

  3. Love this, I have the same Finsbury and you are inspiring me to use it again having just moved down to a personal! Hurry up with the next ones!!

  4. I'm glad I'm sending a little inspiration... I hope your not telling me your Finsbury is on some shelf :P.
    Which personal do you have?

    My post on the 'Agenda' should be up tonight :).

    Thanks :) xx

  5. Yay! Loving your post Jess! I have the A5 finsbury in aqua and I love it!

  6. Thank you :), I'm jelous, the aqua is gorgeous, then again I'd have all the colours if I could ;) haha. xx

  7. Jess, I've just found your wonderful blog, as I'm swithering about getting a Filofax... Up till now I've used an A4 ring-binder, but I'm a stationery junkie as well as being very impressionable, and pics of Filofaxes make me say, 'WANT!!!'

    I love the Getting Things Done template, but can't find it when I follow your link (though I do love that website and have now bookmarked it!) Could you let me know how to access that template, please? Thank you!


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